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“Supported Me to Seek Better for Myself”

This past year, I was feeling particularly challenged in finding my life’s purpose. I was in a rut; I wasn’t happy with my job or my life but yet I couldn’t figure out how to move forward. I decided to formally engage Joe’s coaching services largely because of his own inspirational commitment to live his best life. Joe is very passionate about living life fully. Joe’s intellect, collaborative leadership style and commitment to others’ development, all combine to create an environment that draws the best from those he coaches. He is truly an inspiration and role model.

During our sessions, he encouraged and supported me to seek better for myself. He required me to commit to making the time to write down and share my goals. He held me accountable for fully participating in the coaching sessions and offer much needed support in helping me to overcome some blockages. His extensive study of personal transformation was particularly useful in offering suggestions and techniques to move forward.

As a result of my sessions with Joe, I am in a much better place. With Joe’s help, I have developed a life plan and have a renewed sense of possibilities. I sincerely thank him for his services.

Pamela A., Senior Manager

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“Helped Me Push Through My Own Resistance and Reach a Life of Pinnacle”

It takes a special giftedness to inspire the best in people. One must be passionately engaged in service, in order to access the balance of encouragement to reach higher while identifying and acknowledging what is done well. Joe Mitchell is a gifted coach. He is among the best of the cheerleaders for the soul. Joe sees a vision for what is possible and sets a course straight to the mountain top of your success.

I am beginning a life time dream of founding a Spiritual Center. Joe was able to help me push through my own resistance and reach a life pinnacle. He is deeply committed to his clients and is willing to go the distance, he celebrates as if it were his own achievement. One feels accompanied in a most caring and professional way. I would recommend Joe with complete confidence and enthusiasm.

Reverend Rhetta Morgan, Founder of Ecclesia Spiritual Center - 267.262.1079

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“He Will Be There for You”

Joe is unabashedly enthusiastic, unbridled, until he realizes that a more somber moment is required.

He will love you, and stand for you and annoy you – whatever way of being is needed, he will be there for you. 

Curtis A.

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“I Learned My New Self!”

Joe Mitchell has been my Life Coach over the past six months.  The clutter of being grossly over-extended became  my norm and seeing multiple projects through to the end is what believed was my forte!!  I had convinced myself that I could effortlessly help my Mom after Dad’s passing, help my son with entrance into a D1 college , manage my friends, manage myself, complete personal projects, and manage my finances, etc., etc., etc.  As one can see, I was simply overwhelmed.  I knew I needed something but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  This is where Joe stepped into my life and really challenged me with what was most important in the corners of my mind.  These are tough conversations when you are convinced you don’t need any help.  His gentle spirit yet diligent perseverance was the exact prescription.  Through Joe’s program, I came to a place of realization that I needed a gentle shove and a great deal of focus.  My time with Joe was well spent and most enlightening.  I learned my new self!  I now live in a space of completed projects and having the ability to say no – tools that will carry me through life!


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“Joe is an Amazing Listener”

Joseph Mitchell is a very professional, respectful, trustworthy, enthusiastic, challenging and motivating coach.  I thoroughly enjoy our coaching conversations and find them to be very helpful!  Joe helps me organize my visions, goals, and directions.   He helps me to see what I am doing to sabotage my success and what I am doing to create success.  Joe is an amazing listener.   Sometimes, when I am feeling stuck Joe lets me ramble on, pouring out my ideas into his ear, and he in turn organizes my thoughts, writing them down, mapping them out,  so that we can reflect on them and begin to organize these random thoughts in a way I can create a clear direction.   I have to say it is bliss as a small business owner to have a trusted sounding board to share ideas and get effective feedback.

Maya Angelou wrote this beautiful quote that I feel sums up Joe’s Coaching expertise.  “The idea is to write it so that slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

I always leave our conversations feeling more focused, empowered, organized and motivated to accomplish the tasks at hand.

If you are looking for a coach!  I highly recommend Joe. 


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“Unprecedented Level of Excitement, Enthusiasm and Empathy”

I can't adequately express the impact Joe's coaching has had on my life.  Over the last several years I have found myself in an incredibly challenging professional dilemma from which I could see no possible resolution. In the course of our coaching sessions Joe has worked with me to break down the complexity of my problem and take specific measurable actions designed to move me into a new phase of my career. In addition to working with me on the nuts and bolts of my situation, Joe has generated an unprecedented level of excitement, enthusiasm and empathy that have been a tremendous source of support and encouragement through this difficult period. Not only would I recommend Joe as a phenomenal coach, I trust him with my life and know to my core that he has nothing but my best interest at heart in all our interactions. Whatever you do, don't miss out on the chance to have this outstanding human being guide you in accomplishing whatever goal you seek to achieve!

Dean Orloff, Esquire

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“Your Coaching Program is Outstanding!”

Thank you Joe for all of your support and encouragement. Your coaching program is outstanding!

I now have the strength and determination to continue with my pursuit of success. 

I sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done to build my confidence. 

Keep up the good work!