Are You Ready To Go From Some Results To High Performance, From OK To Happy,
From A Little Hazy To Crystal Clear About What You Are Here To Do? 


I work one-­­on-­­one with individuals (usually via telephone or Skype) to provide accountability, direction, inspiration, focus, validation, challenge and support in your business and personal life.

In most cases we are after specific results that will make a real difference in your life. In addition, we will many times address issues such as releasing mental blocks that are holding you back, clearing clutter from your life, effective goal setting, stepping up to the next level and transformational thinking.

On the business related side, I will collaborate with you on making strides in business and career development skills, marketing, networking, work­life balance and time management. 


Who Do I Work With?

I work primarily with new and small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. I love to serve people who are sincerely interested in being their best, open to new ideas, and feel a higher calling in their life and work. Here’s how I might describe a typical client:

You’re a very busy person who is being pulled in all directions. You have vendors, employees, coworkers, clients, customers, bosses, family and your friends, all of whom are vying for your attention in various ways. Whether you’re a small business owner/entrepreneur, or someone inside an organization wanting more from your career, you may be sense a need to take your life to the next level of balance, satisfaction and contribution. You may too busy right now to determine how to make it work easier with the time you have in your week. But the fact that you’re busy doesn’t dissuade you from the tasks at hand.

Picture this. You’re going about your daily routine. Your morning rituals. Your daily commute to work, whether it’s across town or down the stairs of your home. Things are OK and most days are fine, running seemingly on auto­pilot. But there’s something that’s just not clicking. You know that it could be better. Much better. In fact there are days that it infuriates you. And lately these days are growing in frequency.

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Do you see yourself in the following descriptions?

• You know what success means to you. You may have even envisioned it. But you’re frustrated because what you are doing to grow your business or career isn’t working and you don’t have clarity on what else to try and you’re not sure where to begin. You seems to be failing at prioritizing your most important tasks.

• You want to increase your earning potential, make more money and reduce your expenses. Maybe it’s raising your rates, adding more services or adding a passive stream of income through product sales or affiliate commissions? You’re too busy thinking about the day to day to do the research or find a solution—and it’s driving you crazy!

• You want a type of financial and spiritual success that seems so out of reach that it becomes impossible to even fathom anymore, so you give up on it and instead, just live your life on auto­pilot, taking things as they come, and go to bed every night wondering “what if.”

• Life doesn’t have the same fun and prosperity as you imagined it would be when you started your business.

• You are not clear what your next steps are, and you are hesitating due to lack of clarity.

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